Move 360

The Move 360 is new, cutting edge technology that perfectly synchronises video, boomerang, slow motion and green screen into a unique sharable video.

This incredible machine, with a team of video professionals, can instantly create a branded video that is ready to be shared with the masses via Email, MMS, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Generate a viral campaign for your brand from one event. You provide the crowd, we bring the fun!


How it works:
Your clients, guests, visitors or delegates simply step onto the circular platform and with a touch of the magic red button the experience begins. A DSLR camera on an extended arm revolves 360 degrees around the platform and instantly generates a video with your bespoke brand design and selected soundtrack.


In addition to customised soundtracks, the video incorporates slow motion, boomerang and key frame greenscreen.


If you are looking for mass exposure for your brand we guarantee this is the future.