Light up letters


New to Ultrabooth!

Bring any room to life with our fantastic illuminated letters.

Our letters  are easily transported and are certain to make a statement and impress your guests. They add great photo opportunities, with numerous lighting and effects tailored to your needs, the options are endless.

We supply:

A-Z in 5ft colour changing light up letters ( only company in Wales )

We have LOVE for every venue and occasion. Big and bold with our 5ft versions, or choose the slightly smaller 4ft.  New to Ultrabooth we have a 2ft high, 6ft wide Italic  LOVE and Cariad, adding to this Mr & Mrs with ten of the most popular surnames in South Wales

Williams, Evans, Jones, Roberts, Lewis, Davies, Morgan, Hughes, Thomas, Phillips 

NEW for 2018 4ft Rustic LOVE & 4ft Rustic heart shaped light box


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