Frozen Yoghurt & Choco Kebab

Yo-cart is a unique, fun and quirky product which is a funky addition to any event. It gives you the chance to offer your guests the most fashionable delight of the moment...Frozen Yoghurt! With over a dozen flavours from Peanut Butter to Passion Fruit, we guarantee that your guest's taste buds will be sent into overdrive! With its Vintage Styled Cart and colourful Whipper, this transportable machine is guaranteed to turn heads and create that tasteful spectacle for your event.

The Toppings

This is where the fun starts, and really gives you the freedom to get creative and cater for your audience. Yo-Cart is all about the healthy option, providing you with an array of fresh exotic fruit including Melon, Kiwi Fruit, Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries and Pineapple to name just a few! However here at Yo-Cart we too have a naughty side, so we also offer a selection of rather sinful toppings including Maltesers, Skittles, Chocolate Raisins, Sprinkles and quite frankly whatever else you want! We aim to make every customer smile, so as long as we are given time to prepare,the variety of toppings is endless!

Choco Kebab

How about this quirky delicious treat for your event. Are you searching for something a bit different for a wedding reception, PROM or corporate party?

Here we have the famous Choco Kebab machine, which chills the mixed white and dark chocolate to the perfect serving temperature. It's then carved and placed inside a sweet pita, ready for the delicious toppings, sprinkles and of course the sauce of your choice.

This is fantastic for both adults and children, and the service we provide not only tastes incredible but its also fun at the same time.

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