Year 11's Celebrate the End of GCSE's

Despite any drama surrounding Brexit, the show does go on at Ultrabooth headquarters. As do the parties - we helped some Year 11's celebrate at St John Baptist High School in Wales.

The photo booth was set up and the leavers in their uniforms (with all manners of notes scrawled across them) placed bright yellow bowl hats on their heads, heart-shaped glasses on their noses and put their best faces first. Picture after picture, every student was delighted with the outcome.

While they went for our traditional (and admittedly great) photo booth for this event, we also have a magic mirror option that's proving a hit with young old. Our six-foot mirrors can often be set up in venues that couldn't previously accommodate our photo booths. They're ready to go immediately too. All you have to do is touch the screen and it brings it to life, counting down until it takes the picture. Then, voila, five seconds later the photograph is ready. Guest can even interact on the Ultra Mirror and put their own personal stamp on it, be it their signature or a fun design.

The magic mirror in Wales is very soon to the event scene and Ultrabooth in South Wales is one of the few that provide it. Not only does it take amazing pictures but it's so much fun to use, and looks incongruous in any setting, be it a wedding, birthday or office party.

Of course, we continue to go and above and that's not all we offer - from wedding DJs, photographers, LOVE letter signs and even starlit dancefloors, we bring a magical touch to all your events (and we're more than happy to see how much everyone loves it).