UltraMirror & Mirror Ring Booth

We dont do half measures here at Ultrabooth so using the worlds most advanced photobooth technology in our custom designed Magic Mirror was an absolute must!!! This machine delivers random high quality animations. You never get the same sequence twice which makes this really exciting to use and watch. Adding to this one of its main features allows guests to select what photo style they would like. Some people prefer one big full length shot and others the 4 photo option. It displays 4 selections on the the massive 65" touch screen and is literally in the hands of the guests to chose. When it comes to printing you'll have the option to chose the number you require. Nobody walks away empty handed with this incredible software.  
We have 6 different frames to chose from plus the new silver beauty dish mirror ring
Watch the videos and experience the Ultramirror and beauty dish
How it works:
    • guests can see themselves in the mirror
    • animations play to guide them to touch the screen and even sign!
    • the hidden camera flashes behind the mirror and guests receive an instant branded print
Why UltraMirror?
    • it’s a totally new concept that your guests will not have seen before
    • Mirrored Screen shows guests in real-time interacting with the booth
    • Touch screen interface used to start the booth and signing photos
    • Various print layouts at your finger tips 
    • Instant unlimited Prints from the UltraMirror
   •  Animated GIF creation 
    • Hidden technology (it looks just like a mirror!)