Ultrabooth Rings in the Holiday Season with WFAC

'Tis the season to be jolly and that's exactly what everyone was at We Fight Any Claim's Christmas party. Every employee was ready to celebrate after a hard-working year, and Ultrabooth didn't disappoint.

Everyone was dressed their best in festively-coloured dresses and slick suit and ties, all of which helped every photo look great on our Ultra Mirror. This six-foot frame is easy to transport and just as easy to use. Stand in front of it and wait for the countdown - a picture will be taken just as quick as it'll be printed out and everyone walks away happy. 

Our selfie mirror has been getting a lot of attention, and for good reason - just look at the photos! Not only does it show everyone at their best with its DSLR cameras but people can put their own personal touches on the pictures, whether it's signing their or name or doodling Christmas trees in the corner. While it may be great for employees, it's also great for the company. You can still design every photo with the date and your company logo so, when these photos inevitably get shared across social media, your business will look like a fun place to work for those getting itchy feet in the new year. 

Rodney Parade stadium in Newport was a pretty good venue choice too - you can't help but be swept away by all the rugby victories that happened there. 

All in all, this Christmas work party was one for the books!