Ultrabooth parties with Year 6

Ultrabooth in South Wales caters to all ages - including Year 6 students that are off to the big leagues, so to speak.

We were invited to help capture the excitement of the end of Year 6 for students heading over to join the older and wise Year 7's. It's safe to say everyone had a blast!

We set up shop in Cardiff Met Uni and prepared for the excited children to arrive. We made sure everything was set up so all pictures would go straight to Facebook so proud parents could easily download and frame pictures that will become a snapchat of their kid growing up.

There was food, music and dancing and kids were lining up to get papped by our high-tech, DSLR cameras. Kids grabbed robes, became pirates, donned crowns and hid behind masks and over-sized sunglasses. Not to be outdone, teachers joined in the fun too!

Our photobooth in Cardiff and Swansea parties with all ages, big and small - and we love every second of it.