Ultrabooth parties at the Regatta Ball 2015

It's all become a lot more festive at Ultrabooth Wales headquarters these days and we're ringing in the Christmas cheer for plenty of people this year.

Ultrabooth in South Wales attended the Regatta Ball at the Inn on the Wye and had a ball. Pictures were designed to actually look like polaroid photobooth snapshots and the guests loved it - the amount of photobooth sessions stand as evidence.

Everyone was dressed to the nines which stood in direct contrast to the silly hats, wigs and poses they were using. Guests walked away with two copies of the photos per photobooth session. As there were often more two people, anyone who wanted their own photo were in luck - everything is uploaded immediately to Facebook. You can tag, share and print of all the pictures to your heart's content.

Ultrabooth in Cardiff and Swansea has been flat out with winter weddings, Christmas parties and birthdays - we're loving every second of it and never tire of adapting our services to whatever you need.

We're happy to mould your event to your exact specifications. We've got twinkly dancefloors, more photo backgrounds that you can shake a stick at and even a Santa grotto-themed photobooth. 'Tis the season and all that.