Ultrabooth parties for Emma's 21st at The High Tide Porthcawl

There are some birthdays that stick out in your memory - Sweet Sixteens, 17th's followed by driving lessons, an 18th followed by an inordinate amount of shots and 21st parties which mean you can drink all around the world. 

We were pretty glad that Emma chose Ultrabooth in Swansea and Cardiff to celebrate her 21st on the 9th January this year at the Hi Tide Inn in Porthcawl. All the guests got in on the fun and lined up to use our Wales photobooth. 

Wizard hats were placed on heads, oversized glasses were donned and people were crowned in the many photobooth sessions that followed during the evening. One of the many issues involved with 21st's is the memory loss but luckily we were on hand to help Emma remember all the hilarity that ensued. If you wanted to go all out, there's also a video karaoke option to film everyone singing along to a song of your choosing!

With our DSLR cameras snapping away, everyone was trying to get a copy of their favourite pictures. Luckily they are uploaded straight to Facebook so everyone can print out those frameable photographs!

We had a great time partying with you all - if you have any 21st birthday parties that need documenting, give us a shout!