Ultrabooth hosts a Mother's Day bash

Mother's Day is always  a conundrum - do you buy flowers, chocolate, a spa break? - and yet Ultrabooth in South Wales found the perfect answer.  We got our UltraMirror and treated mothers to a day that was all about them (and their beloved families).

Mothers lined up with their kids and everyone was on their best behaviour, posing sweetly next to their matriarchs.

Some even came in with their grandmothers so that two generations of mothers were represented. Some families decided on less traditional photos and donned horse head masks and funny hats to liven up their photo.One of our favourites is when a group of grandmothers posed all together!

Kids of all ages were there to celebrate Mother's Day and families loved having an opportunity to take a nice picture that everyone could agree on (to frame, that is). 

As for the venue, Ultrabooth loved the Stradey Park Hotel. The four-star hotel in Llanelli overlooks the stunning Gower and Carmarthenshire coastline so it's safe to say the views were pretty great - just an added benefit for the many mothers out there, and all their hard work.