Ultrabooth Hosts Layla's Christening

A christening is a time for family and friends to come together to celebrate the life of a newborn baby (well, and to wet its head and appoint the child's godparents). There are only so many iPhones you want flashing in your face (and the logistics of getting all those photos afterwards is a nightmare) so in walks our beloved Ultra Mirror, to solve all your problems.

A six-foot, gold frame that produces just as clear, vibrant photos as our photo booth, has very little downsides. It's easy to transport, looks smart in any venue and even lets you put your own personal spin on a photo, as it has an interactive mirror. Plus, you can get full length photos without cramming loads of people into a booth. And don't you worry, we bring the same amount of props to every event.

Christenings, weddings, work events, birthdays - you name it, we do it. We're an award-winning photo booth in Wales for a reason. We help set up, love interacting with every one of your guests, of all ages, and work around your schedules so that you don't even notice when we leave.

We love what we do and it shows - give us a try and see for yourself.