Ultrabooth helps launch StreetGames event

You know you’re going to have a ball when StreetGames gets in touch. Cardiff’s biggest multi-support festival gave Ultrabooth the opportunity to attend and we didn’t hesitate for a second!

Our selfie mirror in Cardiff made is easy for us to head to the Principality Stadium where people from the ages of 10 to 16 got the chance to try out 40 different activities. 

StreetGames is a charity that aims to transform lives of disadvantage children through the medium of sport. The project began in 2005 when half a dozen organisers of neighbourhood sports projects combined their efforts. It has since grown to include over 600 organisations in the network, changing lives through each event, since receiving funding from the Sport England Lottery in 2007.

When our photo booth company in Wales heard about their work, we were only more than happy to attend and lend a helping hand to such a great cause. It’s been reported that 18, 323 young people have been directly benefited from StreetGames and the network continues to grow.

Everyone loved the selfie mirror and when the photos were posted online, StreetGames received some great, advertisement for the work that they do and the difference that they’re making. It’s one of the many great benefits we get from working at our photo company in Cardiff – helping people and charities make a difference.