Ultrabooth helps Human & Health Science Swansea graduates celebrate

There's nothing like a group of graduates celebrating being free from exams and starting a new chapter in their lives to put you into the mood for a party. Ultrabooth was more than happy to help the Human & Health Science students out at their graduation ball at the Patti Pavilion in Swansea!

Friends and family came to celebrate with the new graduates and plenty of the photobooth pictures taken were laughed and joked about (and plans to buy new frames were made).

Our Turkish hat, over-sized glasses and monkey mask proved popular in the photobooth sessions, and every photo was more hilarious than the next. Our DSLR cameras captured everyone at their best, whether they were looking to take a posed family photo or a jokey group photo of friends.

Our photobooth in Swansea and Cardiff has attracted a lot of attention for its versatality, from weddings and birthdays to work-do's and graduations. Our photobooth in Wales can easily be changed to fit the style of your event or venue, from changing the background, changing the colour of the photobooth or changing the song used on the karaoke machine.

We love attending all your events and taking part in so many of your milestones. Give us a call - we love to host parties more than you like attending them!