Ultrabooth helps Carmen celebrate her 60th

A new decade of age should never be uncelebrated or under appreciated. Carmen’s 60th in the Diplomat Hotel Restaurant & Spa in Llanelli did no such thing – Ultrabooth made sure of it!

We were there to document every moment of frivolity – and there were a lot. Every photo was designed to show it was Carmen’s 60th and as they opted for the Ultra Mirror, our new selfie mirror, guests could leave their own personalised messages on each picture, using the interactive screen.

All the guests had a blast but our Wales selfie mirror can’t take all the credit – the Diplomat Hotel is lovely and, in our opinion, a great venue for those special occasions.

It’s an independently-run, family hotel that maintains a friendly and laidback atmosphere without slacking in service – it’s a fine art they’ve mastered well.

Its restaurants use fresh ingredients and produce, creating mouth-watering dishes from fillet of hake to Cajun-spiced lamb and mint burgers. If you’re really feeling indulgent, make an appointment for its Eden Health Club & Spa. Equipped with a pool, sauna, steam room and hydro spa, there’s also plenty of treatments on offer.

Let’s hope the woman of the hour got treated to massage by one of her many guests! A big thank to you the entire party – we here at Ultrabooth had a blast celebrating with you.