Ultrabooth gets invited to a Barclays do

Another day, another great event – this time with Barclays bank! Ultrabooth in South Wales headed over to the Premier Inn to help host the Barclays Colleague Fair.

Employees had their Barclaycard tshirt on and were only more than happy to hop into a booth for a photo (or three!). There were plenty of other guests there, putting on wigs, making funny faces and generally just having a whale of a time in our South Wales photo booth.

Barclays very astutely realised the potential of a photo booth so intrinsically connected to social media. This day of photos was immediately uploaded to Facebook, which colleagues and guests alike shared and liked them across multiple social media websites, from Instagram to Twitter. Friends of friends, family members, colleagues and old acquaintances could all see how Barclays was a fun place to work, whether they were tempted themselves or knew someone else who was looking. It’s free advertising as its best.

Our photo booth in Cardiff, Swansea and across Wales has helped countless charities, businesses and corporations not only entertain their guests but project an image for their company that would let them reap the benefits far after the actual event took place.

Give us a call – we’re pretty good at what we do.