Ultrabooth celebrates Katie & Tom's Engagement at the Fords Club

Ultrabooth in South Wales is around for the whole wedding process - including the engagement!

Kate and Tom chose to celebrate their engagement in style and called on Ultrabooth in Cardiff and Swansea to help ring in the occasion. Crazy wigs were donned, over-sized bows were grabbed and hilarious signs were held up for pictures that will commemorate this moment for a lifetime.

While guests received two copies of each picture, they were quickly uploaded to Facebook where everyone could print off as many pictures as they like for safe-keeping. Our DSLR cameras get everyone's good side so you can rest assured you'll want to frame these pictures.

Whether it's a wedding, birthday, engagement party or even just a corporate event, South Wales' Ultrabooth can swap and change the colour of the photobooth, the background and even the label that's displayed on each picture. Basically, we can fit our company to your event and that's what makes our photobooth in Wales better than the rest - we know how to personalise an event and we love doing it.