Ultrabooth celebrates with Cardiff Uni Freshers

South Wales' Ultrabooth partied the night away with Cardiff University Freshers on 24 September.


As new university students flocked to the streets of Cardiff to begin a messy Freshers week, Ultrabooth in Swansea and Cardiff created the perfect way to break the ice.


We set up our Ultrabooth and nervous students were able to drink and take pictures with everyone around them, making new friends as they partied.


They grabbed silly props, ranging from silly hats to selfie signs, and had a ball hamming it up for the cameras. Our South Wales' photobooth comes with everything from video messaging to wind machines which makes for hilarious photos that everyone will want to frame.


Our number one photobooth hire in Swansea and Cardiff is able to take high quality pictures on its DSLR camera which are immediately uploaded to Facebook. Students not only get to take home copies of the photos from the night but can later add and tag each other on Facebook, cementing their newfound friendships.


Ultrabooth in South Wales can label the photographs with your company or event's name. As more and more people share their pictures and talk about the event across various social media sites, you'll reap the benefits of all the free advertising.


Our photobooth in South Wales has won countless awards, including Best New Business in 2013, and everyone who books our Ultrabooth understand why immediately.