Ultrabooth attends a wedding at Manor Park Country House

For one of our first events for 2015, Ultrabooth helped celebrate the nuptials of Mr. and Mrs. Appleby at Manor Park Country House in Wales - and what a way to start the year!

Manor Park is set in stunning landscaped gardens, which helps create the perfect backdrop for some incredible wedding photos. Able to provide everything from chair covers to chocolate foundations, the hotel also boasts two different suites you can choose for your ceremony.

After the guests soaked in the beautiful atmosphere, however,  it was our South Wales photobooth that caught everyone's attention! We've gathered even crazier props for our photobooth in Cardiff and Swansea and they were hit with all the guests!

Oversized bow ties, Spiderman masks, and flower hats were donned by one and all and the bride and groom definitely loved the outcome. Guests took one copy of their photo home and then placed the other in the guestbook alongside a loving (or not so loving, depending on who they were) message for the bride and groom.

Mr. and Mrs. Appelby didn't have to worry about not seeing all the pictures however. Every photo is immediately uploaded to Facebook and all guests can easily download them if they have particular ones they love so much they have to frame!

With such attention to detail, our photobooth in South Wales has carved its name as one of the premier photobooth companies in Cardiff and Swansea. Whether it's weddings, parties or birthdays, Ultrabooth knows how to keep the guests entertained. And those pictures will ensure you're still laughing years later.