Ultrabooth attends a wedding at Bryngarw House

Samantha and Nicholas decided to have their fairytale of a wedding at Bryngarw House – and they took our Ultrabooth selfie magic mirror along for the ride!

Sequins were the outfit of choice for many of the ladies it seems and all the men dressed to impress in their suits. Our mirror caught them in all their glory as they stood on the red carpet and posed with friends and families alike. The DSLR-camera photos show them all donning oversized glasses, ridiculous hats and wigs (or anything else they could find in our overflowing dress-up box).

Plenty of people took the chance to use our selfie mirror photo booth’s interactive settings, signing their initials and names across their photos.

Our magic mirror photo booth makes the entire process seamless. It’s a six-foot, gold, gilded frame that fits into any themed event. It takes the same high-quality pictures as our photo booths and everyone still gets to go home with their own copy. And all these photos are obviously still available online, for everyone to use, share, like and comment on as much as they wish!

We were completely taken aback by the stunning Bryngarw House as a wedding venue as well. The sprawling country grounds, the chic interior design, the bridal suites and even the marquee were all done to perfection. No wonder it’s in demand for brides across Wales and the UK.

It was a great day – not for one second did we remember we were working. Huge congratulations to Samantha and Nicholas on their happy day!