Ultrabooth attends Katie & Jess' City Hall Party

Over this busy Christmas period, Ultrabooth in Cardiff and Swansea has partied with companies, friends and family! This time, South Wales' Ultrabooth was there to help Katie and Jess celebrate in City Hall.

Adorned with wigs, hats, and even a brightly coloured piece of tinsel, Ultrabooth entertained the masses as they partied the night away. With our high-tech photo booths, every picture taken is high quality, catching everyone at their best angle, and in the best light.

Guests can take two copies of their photos with them or they can take one, and place the other in a guestbook. With so many people to see and talk to, a guestbook is a great idea for party goers to leave a lovely message for you to remember the night by.

As all our photos are uploaded immediately to Facebook, photos are easily accessible for everyone that attended the party.

Christmas and birthday parties aren't all we do well, however. With New Year's Eve on its way, what better way to make sure you remember a night that most people forget than by hiring our fantastic photo booth?

We entertain the guests and you get to take home the evidence of how much fun everyone had. It's a win-win. You couldn't start 2015 in a better way.

Happy New Year's Eve from everyone at Ultrabooth!