Summer bash at Searivers Leisure Caravan Park

What's an English summer without a family trip to a caravan park? Friendly neighbours, the smell of a BBQ permanently in the air and the sound of laughter and playing children not far from your front door. Sounds idyllic - which it is. 

Add a party to the mix and it's a riot. Families are always the best in the photo booth - it's a chance for them to get a family photo where they don't have to force their kids to smile. Big props, little people, wide smiles - there's always at least one winner for a frame. 

Ultrabooth was invited over to Searivers Leisure Caravan Park, smack dab in the middle between Aberdovey and the village of Borth. You may not be able to count on the weather but you definitely can ensure that every view will be astounding here. It's in the Ynyslas National Park, complete with beaches, dunes and even a few castles. And then of course there's the indoor pool and Jacuzzi as well as a lounge bar back at the site. A good combination if we do say so ourselves.

It was no wonder that spirits were high at the event and we loved meeting all the families making the most out of their summer. Wigs, oversized sunglasses, masks - you name it, they put it on - and the photos speak for themselves. Summer is one of the greatest seasons for a reason.