St David's Hotel are Treated to a Staff Party

Hotels have to run like clockwork and it's all down to their hard-working staff. And that's why when you throw a staff party to thank them, it had better be good. St David's Hotel did just that and brought us along for the ride!

They opted for our Ultra Mirror so everyone got full-length shots of themselves, all dressed up and ready to party. Our selfie mirror was popular all night long, with people of all ages getting involved. This six-foot, gold-framed mirror is even easier to set up than our photo booths and takes just as great photos. You can put your own personal touches via the touch screen on the mirror too, from adding signatures to other pictures. And of course, you still have all those props to make your pictures just that little bit more crazy.

Our selfie mirror photos aren't only great for entertainment but they get people sharing pictures of an event you put on, that people enjoyed. That right there is some great free advertising that you're a fun place to work from the very people who work for you.

2017 is a year full of potential parties, for your employees and for you. Keep Ultrabooth in mind as that's what we do best.