Rent our starlight dancefloor

Weddings centre around the dancefloor. You've got those iconic first dances, the entirety of your guests throwing down in celebration of your day, and all the people watchers that enjoy the scenes from afar. Luckily, Ultrabooth in South Wales recognises that - if you're going all out on flowers, food and the cake, our starlit dancefloors bring your entire venue to a new level.

From as little as £195 you can have a white starlit backdrop on the dancefloor - you can dance under the stars and not have to worry about tempermental English weather. Sizes range from 14 to 20 feet and can accommodate any type of wedding and will look great in any photograph.

Our Cardiff and Swansea photobooth will snap all your guests having an amazing time, dressing up and pulling silly poses, while our resident photographer (which you can hire to get more posed photographs during the wedding) can capture your biggest moments on the dancefloor.

Ultrabooth in South Wales has got you covered - beautiful settings in the venue and high quality photos capturing everyone's photos in the actual booth. That isn't all we offer - from our LOVE sign prop to our frozen yogurt station, we can mould any wedding to represent you. 

It's a day you'll always remember - and so will everyone else!