Raising money for the local NHS

Leighton Brookfield the founder of Ultrabooth which specializes in photobooth hire and wedding entertainment and fellow friend and DJ Ed Kurno, decided to use their DJ and entertainment skills and experience to put on a LIVE show called Kitchen Lockdown. This takes place every Friday, LIVE from the Kitchen Lockdown Facebook page. The DJ duo set up a Just giving page, where the listeners could donate to the Swansea bay local NHS charity trust. During 8 weeks of DJ sets from both Brookie & Kurno  they have managed to raise over 10k. This was presented to the staff at Morriston hospital in Swansea. The duo now plans on putting a family festival called "Lockdown Fest" when the Pandemic is over. There will be a 50% discount given to all NHS workers, and its hoped this will become an established festival in South Wales for us all to celebrate beating the virus.