Planning your wedding can be stressful. Deciding between all the options takes time and effort as well as focus.

When it comes to deciding on the entertainment for your day or night you definitely need to reflect and focus.

With so many novelty entertainment suppliers and ideas out there you can easily become overwhelmed by the choice.

As well as trying to reflect what you love as a couple you need to factor in your guests expectations. Because the modern guest demands more than just a night out.

They want to experience the unexpected and be delighted by the surprises you lay on for them.

And that’s exactly where the UltraMirror comes into its own. Your guests will love the fact that you are so on trend with one of the hottest trends for wedding entertainment.

Shy guests will thank you the most for including the UltraMirror photobooth mirror as it acts as the perfect ice breaker. For those who arent comfortable in groups the act of dressing up and fooling around is a wonderful way to relax them and help them enjoy the day.

So what do you get when you book an UltraMirror?



Our UltraMirror uses the most advance photo booth technology to deliver amazing high quality images that will be instantly printed giving guests the perfect keepsake from your wedding.

The selfie generation will love being able to update their social media instantly from the mirror and the older generations will enjoy getting in on the action in this great activity.

Enjoy seeing your guests go back again and again to the mirror where they will have hours of fun posing and playing up to the camera.



The mirror appears normal from a distance. But when your guests approach the mirror it will activate and play animations to guide the individuals or group through the process and count down before pictures are captured.

The hidden camera flashes behind the mirror and your guests will instantly receive a branded print of their shenanigans in front of the mirror.

GIFs can be created as well as images can also be added straight to an online gallery or shared to social media!



The UltraMirror is a totally new concept that your guests wont have seen before. Behind the mirror sits customizable, state of the art photo booth technology, which lets you not only capture photos but also add graphics and branding to every photo taken.

The UltraMirror has some a fantastic features that set it apart from anything else in the market.

  • Fully interactive touch screen for your guests to autograph their image or leave a personal message for the bride and groom.
  • Mirrored Screen shows guests in realtime interacting with the booth
  • Touch screen interface used to start the booth and signing photos
  • Various print layouts at your finger tips 
  • Instant unlimited prints from the UltraMirror
  • Animated GIF creation

Planning your wedding can be an extremely stressful time but with the UltraMirror you can definitely tick off entertainment from your list. With the UltraMirror you will give your guests more than just a typical wedding – you will give them a surprise element that creates fun, lasting memories.