Lymph Adventures in Wales is a success

The Lymphoedema Network Wales works hard to help kids with Lymphoedema to not feel isolated or alone, letting them to socialise with people who go through the same things they do - and the same goes for the parents as they experience their own struggles. And that's why it was an easy yes from Ultrabooth to help with their Lymph Adventures event in Wales.

Kids and adults alike hopped into our photo booths and hammed it up for the camera. Blow-up guitars were played, horse masks were donned and oversized bows adorned every hairstyle imaginable. Outside of our photo booth in Cardiff, everyone got the chance to take part in activities and gain some insightful advice and guidance on how to live with the disease.  

The Lymphoedema Network Wales also recently hosted the UK's first accredited paediatric Lymphoedema study event and was attended by registered health care professionals and Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapists from across the country. In Wales alone, there are 140 children and young people receiving care for the disease this was a great move in the right direction.