Lady Mary High School Celebrates their High School Reunion

Ultrabooth in South Wales was delighted to be invited to Lady Mary High School's reunion in St Peter's Cardiff. 

Every picture was emblazoned with Lady Mary High School's emblem but it was the happy faces of their previous students that stole the show. Cat masks were donned, masks were situated and wigs were placed on heads and our DSLR cameras did the rest. We even bordered the picture with Lady Mary High School's colours.

Every guest got two pictures from their photobooth session but every photo is immediately uploaded to Facebook so all the guests could print off as many copies as they want later one. 

Our photobooth in Cardiff and Swansea is used for a variety of events and this high school reunion couldn't have been more fun. There's nothing like seeing people you haven't seen in years, catching up and then having our high-tech cameras commemorate the event for you. 

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