Jennifer's 60th was a success at The Biz

Jennifer started her 60th birthday in style - at one of her favourite places in Wales and with a selfie magic mirror to boot. 

Our Magic Mirror has been pulling in all the guests recently! It's exactly as it sounds - it's a mirror equipped with the same high-tech cameras we've always used and you still get your two print outs at the end. We've even got a mirror ring booth available in 2018 if you don't have the space in your venue or if you decide you want a new look or feel.

Guests can interact with the mirrors in real life - and Jennifer and her guests most certainly did. There are videos, props, signatures and more across of all the photos taken from her birthday. We even got the red carpet out for the event! In case you were wondering, all information on our papparazzi package can be found here.

As birthdays go, it was just as great for us here at Ultrabooth as it was for Jennifer. 6 decades is nothing to sniff at and our photo booths, whether they're booth-sized or mirror-shaped, tend to bring out the best in people - whether that means it allows them to take both goofy and posed photos they'll want to frame or because it gives their feet a rest from the dancefloor in a much better than just sitting down at a table.

As long as there's a party, we'll be there to document the whole thing.