Inflatable Dome Hire

Inflatable Dome Hire


Its now time to get excited for Spring & Summer 2021, restrictions are slowly being lifted with a prediction of events and gatherings being raised to 50 people inside and 100 people outside by May 2021. 


We’ve been having an incredible amount of inquires for garden parties and Mini festivals from March onwards, we are totally geared up in preparation and super excited to create a new fantastic outdoor experience to our clients. 


We have invested in two igloo inflatable domes. The smaller 5m x 4m with led lighting will easily hold 30 people for a unique back garden experience. The larger dome, which we plan on using for outdoor events, expos and festivals is 10m x 10m and can hold 120 people including a DJ or 60 people seated.

Here are some ideas for what you can enjoy in our inflatable domes. 


⭐️  Weddings 

⭐️  Birthdays

⭐️  Dance event 

⭐️  Live Music 

⭐️  Cinema Experience 

⭐️  Silent Disco 

⭐️  Themed Party 

⭐️  Prosecco Festival 

⭐️  Mini Glastonbury 

⭐️  Ice rink 

⭐️  Sporting Event

⭐️  Graduations

⭐️  Santa's Grotto 

⭐️  Winter wonderland 


We also provide additional services that will complement any chosen occasion inside and outside the inflatable marquee dome. We can take full control and efficiently manage all the events needs.