How to rock being a bridesmaid

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a great honour. Your friend has chosen you to be a part of the wedding party and play a special role in one of the most important days in her life.

So now you’ve said yes to the privilege of being a bridesmaid you’ve also got to take on the responsibilities that come with the role.

Don’t worry – responsibility doesn’t mean that there won’t be any fun along the way!

Whether you’ve been a maid before or this is the first time a close friend has asked for your support – we’ve got you covered with hints and tips to make sure that you rock being a bridesmaid.


  1. Get involved from the get go

As a bridesmaid your job is to be helpful and ensure that your friend has the wedding of their dreams. Now of course this doesn’t mean planning the whole thing – but she will be eternally grateful if you can help get jobs ticked off her list.

Don’t just offer your help, take stuff off her hands and make sure to be specific about the things you can help with. Even if it is just posting the invites, practical hands up on help is invaluable in the run up to the wedding.


  1. Be honest, but not too honest.

If your friend has asked you to help pick the wedding dress then be careful. Yes of course you want to be constructive and helpful, but equally you don’t want to put her off the dress she’s been dreaming of since she was a child.

That being said you should be a good friend and suggest alternatives that she might not have considered. Unless she falls in love with a dress immediately, there is always room for honest feedback that will steer her towards a dress that would look fabulous on her.

At the end of the day the dress she chooses is about her style and taste – not yours – so don’t be so honest it hurts.


  1. Don’t moan about your dress

And when it comes to the bridesmaids’ dresses the same rules apply. Of course it would be great if the bride took into consideration all your likes and dislikes, but this doesn’t always happen.

Maybe the colour isn’t right for you but suits the other bridesmaids. Maybe the shape or style of dress she has chosen isn’t the most flattering on you.

But look at it this way if she isn’t forcing you into something two sizes too small or totally indecent, then cant you put up with it? This isn’t your day and it can be extremely difficult to find a dress that looks good on a number of different body times. So rather than stress out the bride – just wear the dress and smile – it is only for a day!


  1. Be a team player

Don’t mistake being part of the wedding for running the wedding and don’t let it become a competition to see who can be the best bridesmaid. Whether or not you know or become close to the other bridesmaids over the course of your duties isn’t the point – the main thing is that you all keep it amicable.

This isn’t a competition to see who is the best friend to the bride, it is about all of you supporting her in the run up to the wedding. The last thing the bride needs is to have to referee arguments between some of her closest friends.

Make sure to plan and communicate openly throughout, whether that be about the day itself or the hen do. Even if you don’t get on with the other bridesmaids, again try and hold in those emotions for the sake of the bride.


  1. Plan the hen do the bride wants

So some of the bridal party might think shots, penis paraphernalia and non-stop party is the only way to do the hen-do. While others might suggest a restful spa weekend with yoga and total relaxation.

But what does the bride want? Make sure to ask her because her idea for the perfect hen do could be nothing like the above or a perfect mix of it all. Think about all the elements that she would like and personalise them to make it even more special. Not everything has to be a complete surprise and by asking her what she wants you will avoid any disasters.


  1. Listen and encourage

One of the most important things you can do for  your friend is to just be there. The big day is exciting but can also be stressful and sometimes it is just great to have someone listen to your stresses, fears and frustrations. Brides often feel guilty about taking all things wedding, so if you can encourage her to talk openly and listen without judgment you will probably be lifting a weight off her shoulders.

Equally, be there to not talk about the wedding.  Sometimes when it feels like your whole life is revolving around one day – having a chat about work, family or even something totally random over a glass of wine can do wonders for the soul.                       

And lastly, be there by her side and enjoy the day. Yes you might be needed to sort a spillage on the dress or solve a problem with the caterers.

But that’s nothing to the enjoyment of sharing this day with your friend.

Be sure to enjoy every moment and don’t leave the dance floor until she does – because those memories will last a lifetime.