Having a ball at the Exchange Hotel in Cardiff

There were no glass slippers left behind at this ball. Ty Hafan, one of the UK's leading pediatric palliative care charities, hosted a ball to end all balls - and fund-raised for families who desperately need it. They work to ensure life-limited children live the best life, with the best care, and support their families throughout the whole process. And with such great responsibility, comes a great amount of money needed.

Every year Ty Hafan has to raise 4 million pounds to be able to provide their services for free to families in Wales. They've helped 600 families since the charity was founded in 1999 and everyone came together for the Big Top Ball to ensure they are able to keep doing their very important work.

Ultrabooth in Cardiff was more than happy to help out. We helped designed a carnival-theme background for the photos and photographed the hilarity that ensued. The ball was hosted at the Exchange Hotel, an elegant hotel that was the perfect venue. Boasting high ceilings, chandeliers and dark wood, everyone's black tie attire complemented the hotel's decor - fancy but fun. 

There's nothing better than having fun but knowing it's for a good cause - here's to many more nights like this one.