Don't miss out on a wedding at Margam Orangery

Congratulations to the Millers - they're officially hitched! They opted for the Ultra Mirror and we were very happy with the results, if we do say so ourselves.

Everyone from the bridesmaids to the bride and groom themselves had a ball and the pictures prove it. The venue wasn't half bad either - in fact, The Orangery in Margam Park is simply breathtaking.

As if the 850 acres of parkland wasn't enough, the 18th century building stands on its own two feet in regality and elegance. The experienced chef and banqueting team can help you create a day that's entirely your own, which is exactly how it turned out for the Millers. There's even luxury cabin accommodation for your guests so that everyone can celebrate together for the entire weekend.

It doesn't really make a difference where you choose to wed - we'll be there to help you celebrate anywhere. Our Ultra Mirror has proved very popular with party-goers and grooms and brides alike and it's an easy one, two step process. Place the mirror where you want it, take your photos, have the time of your life - just give us a call and we'll help you create an unforgettable day for you, your friends and your family.