Dave and Ceri Try Out Ultrabooth's Ultra Mirror

It's no secret - we're excited about our Magic Mirror photo booth. Luckily so are our guests - Dave and Ceri were one of the many who came away from their wedding day, grinning ear to ear, in real life and in photos.

Friends and family gathered for the happy couple's nuptials and had a blast in the selfie mirror photo booth. The concept is simple - stand in front of the mirror, strike a pose and then the photo is taken. It's as simple as that! You can even doodle onto your picture to your heart's content - it's an interactive mirror.

The six-foot, gold-framed Ultra Mirror fits in nicely with all event's decor and it doesn't take up room, and you don't have to worry about height restrictions with the little ones. Everyone can be seen in the photo!

It's not only weddings that call upon our services and our selfie mirror photo booth - there's a market for it across all venues. Be it birthdays, charity events, work do's or whatever else you can conjure up, you can rest assured there will be a line around the corner to try it out.

Our DSLR cameras make sure everyone is seen in their best light (literally) - and we make sure everyone has the best night. It's a winning combination.