Cuddy Group Books Ultra Mirror for a Charity Ball

Cuddy Group in Neath organised a charity ball and decided Ultrabooth in South Wales was the company to document it! We couldn't be happier.

Everyone was dressed to the nines and all the money was going to a good cause - everyone was in good spirits!

All the guests loved the over-sized glasses and funny hats and there was a line all night long to try out our fantastic selfie mirror photo booth. The six-foot mirror looks great in any venue and our customers love playing with its custom designs. Plus, it takes up a lot less room than our photo booths and photos are just as great quality when they're produced (a mere few minutes after they're taken). And if you've put a lot of thought into your outfit, having a full length picture of it is definitely worth it.

Our magic mirror photobooth is great for weddings too, as it fits into people's chosen decor seamlessly. Have a think if you're looking for starlit dancefloor hire in Wales or a wedding DJ in Wales - we're all encompassing company and have most definitely got you covered.

Give us a ring - we love a good party of any kind!