Cotswold Water Park Earns Itself an Accolade

Ultrabooth was cordially invited to the Alcumus Awards for Cotswold Water Park and we were more than happy to accept.

They opted for our Ultra Mirror and we happily brought it along with our many props. People posed up a storm in front of our selfie mirror all night long and we had plenty of great pictures to upload come night's end.

The Cotswold Water Park is a stunning destination, with over 40 square miles where you can sail, windsurf, canoe and ski. It has 150 lakes to its name so you'll definitely be kept busy.

There are plenty of reasons why people are opting for one of the only selfie mirrors in Wales. For one, it's convenient and fits easily into any venue. Secondly, you can personalise your photos with the interactive screen. And thirdly, it looks great and takes just as wonderful pictures as our photo booths.

Don't be afraid to ask us any questions you may have about whether our photo booths or Ultra Mirror would be more appropriate for your event. We're always here to help - and we're happy to do it!