Cool Karaoke for weddings and events

Choosing the right entertainment for your event or wedding is challenging.

You probably have a diverse group of friends and family who you want to include and make sure that they have a great night.

So what does that look like?

Well, first things first think about what makes you and your other half happy? It is vital that your party or wedding reflects your tastes.

So if you are a music loving kind of person then how about a bit of karaoke?


Yes, that’s right. One of the most interactive and engaging ways to get your group of friends and family involved is through karaoke.

But not the traditional karaoke that you think of.

Not just for weddings, but called Marryoke, this is a fantastic way to get everyone off their seats and break the ice.

So what makes Marryoke different?

Marryoke takes the best of karaoke and combines it with photo booth technology to create your very own pop video.

It brings your guests together to create something different from the run of the mill entertainment out there.

You choose your favorite song, we get the lyrics and on the day we work with you and your guests to produce a wedding music video you and they will never forget!

For those guests who aren’t X-factor ready, don’t worry. There isn’t any actual singing just miming and performing for as little as they want.

We take the recorded footage and edit it to create a fantastic montage of the clips gathered on the night.

Taking clips from throughout the day – from the ceremony to the reception or just highlights from your even – we will give a true flavour of your day in a video that you will want to share and watch over and over again.

This is an amazing keepsake from the day that you can share with all your guests who will love starring in their own pop video.