Cardiff's Business School celebrates Easter with Ultrabooth

Business students deserve some ways to unwind too – and that’s exactly what Cardiff’s Business School did over Easter.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was executed with aplomb – from the deck of card-themed design on the photos themselves to everyone’s much loved pictures with plenty of props.

The university opted for three photos and a university logo for every print out (just in case anyone was in any doubt that Cardiff University was a fun place to attend) and all its students shared their beloved snaps on social media accordingly. Not only is that good free advertising for the university but everyone loves to share good quality photos of a fantastic night out.

Cardiff University is a much-loved client of Ultrabooth – we never fail to have a ball with their many students and this event was no different.

Whether it’s fancy balls, welcome drinks or Christmas parties, Cardiff students sure know how to let loose and we love being there to document every minute.