The Body Shop Hires Ultrabooth for their Work Do

As corporate events go, The Body Shop party was pretty spectacular and our pictures are there to prove it. 

Our photobooth in Cardiff and Swansea has often been called by companies looking for entertainment for their event. While food and music are all well and good, sometimes it takes a little more to get everyone in the party mood. Our sleek photobooths luckily blend well into any venue and they're a proven entertainer time and time again!

The Body Shop's employees got into the spirit and donned hats, oversized glasses and held up the signs we brought along and the pictures came out perfectly. Even when slightly inebriated people get into the booth, our South Wales photobooth is well-equipped to get the best shot possible. Its DSLR camera ensures the highest of quality!

Our photobooth is particularly good for corporate parties as we can adorn every picture you have with your company name. That means, when all is said and done and pictures are on Facebook for all to see, as they get shared around social media websites, you get great, free exposure for your company as well as a  glimpse into how great it is to work for you. 

There's really no downsides and I think The Body Shop agrees. 

Not all photobooths are created equal - Ultrabooth in Cardiff and Swansea is at the top of the bunch!