Autumn brings a new school year - and a host of uni events

There's something about the final days of summer as the beginning of autumn creeps in. The crunch of leaves underfoot, crackling fires, mulled wine and cozy nights in by the fire (let's all ignore the influx of rain).

It's also the start of a new school and university year. Crisp, new notebooks, fresh multi-coloured pens and a whole slew of welcome events.

Cardiff University invited us along to welcome all those new students, at the start of their university career - and we all had a ball. Hats were worn, drinks were drunk and new friendships formed, all in the conforms of our high-tech photo booths. 

We met new students, new teachers and students who decided to become student helpers - it was a whirlwind! The greatest thing we've found about our photo booths is the fact they bring people together. We're not just talking about the actual confines of the booth but about the fact it gets people speaking, connecting, laughing and then, there you have it - that HD photograph is a moment captured in time where a friendship began. Pretty magical, if we do say so ourselves.

It can work for your business, your friendship groups, your weddings; they may be parties but it's all about the people - and that's something we understand.