Are you ready to Marryoke?

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, fun and memorable for your big day there’s a new craze taking the wedding industry by storm; we can’t believe its taken so long to take off to be honest!

Couples may be becoming more and more discerning with their money but that also means they want to spend it on something they can look back on and get a sense of the laughter and joy from their day.

Marryokes are the latest craze and since we burst onto the scene a few years ago they have been steadily increasing in popularity ever since.


So what is it?

A Marryoke is a specific kind of wedding video. You pick a song, and the wedding party along with your guests will mime it to the camera, under the direction and guidance of the professionals, who will edit the footage into a fun and larger-than-life performance, with the end result being an amazing keepsake of your big day.

Separate to more traditional wedding photography and videography, Marryokes are typically an optional extra that couples choose to have for their wedding day, which works especially well if you have an outgoing, extroverted, and entertaining wedding party. No need to worry if your guests are more of a subdued lot, as you would be surprised who comes out of their shell when there is a pop song and some props involved.


How can it be incorporated into the wedding?

In addition to providing you with some amazing memories of your big day, Marryokes can also be used as a form of entertainment for guests, as footage can be shot during times that are typically boring or slow throughout the day, such as when the newly married couple are off on their photo shoot.

Although the Marryoke concept had been around for a little while, since going viral in recent years and gaining international attention when a Marryoke posted online featured the baby-faced and fresh off the X Factor boyband, One Direction. Since then, the videos have been taking YouTube and social media by storm.


What do you need to consider?  6 top tips for booking a Marryoke:

If you are a couple looking for something different and quirky for your wedding day, to not only entertain your guests but give you a fantastic and fun keepsake, then a Marryoke could be exactly what you need.

However, it’s important to make sure you get exactly what you expect.  Here are a few things to consider when booking:


1. Price

More often than not a Marryoke option is additional to your main wedding videography, be sure to be 100% clear on what your expenditure will be.  Ultra Booth offer marryoke as part of our photo booth package, meaning you can pull it into your entertainment budget!


2. Participants

Don’t leave anything to chance, line a few good sports up who will definitely appear in your video and ask one of the bridal party to ensure that they are ushered up to the videographers when the time arises - you don’t want to be left with a terrible video where no one wants to take part.


3. The song

Choosing the right song is imperative.  You want to make sure it’s something everyone is likely to know.  If you have a wide and varied age range try to go for big anthems and timeless classics that everyone will know in some shape or form.


4. Sharing your video

If you intend to share your video on social media it’s important that your videographer or whoever you have assigned to help make everyone aware of that who is taking part.  The last thing you need is that grumpy cousin making you remove it because they don’t like how they look, spoiling all the fun...and your video.


5. Receiving your video

There’s a fair amount of editing involved in one of these videos so do be sure to ask your videographer for a realistic timeframe for when you can expect it - anyone who has taken part will undoubtedly be keen to see how it’s turned out.


6. Fear of offending

Make sure you let your videographer know if there are any people you MUST include in the video, such as Aunt Bertha who’ll throw a massive strop if she doesn't get a look in.  Use your bridal party helper to sort this.


Ready to book the fastest growing wedding trend? Contact our creative team for an all singing, all dancing entertainment option for your wedding.