Announce your engagement in style

You’ve said yes and now you want to tell the world! But how do you share the great news with the world in a way that reflects you as a couple?

From quirky to extravagant, we’ve pulled together some ideas that will make your announcement as memorable as the proposal. 


1.Cartoon characters

If you dread the idea of an engagement photo, then what about an animation? A talented graphic designer or animator can make a bespoke cartoon that reflects you and your partner as you start this new chapter in your lives. 


2. Be subtle

If you prefer to be a bit more casual then this is the one for you. Get your partner to take a photo of you doing something normal – drinking a cup of tea, reading a book – wearing your sparkly new ring. A caption-less photo posted on social media is great fun – see how long it takes for your friends to notice!



If you have, or even haven’t, got a pet in your life make use of them in the announcement. Beg, borrow, but definitely, don’t steal a cute furry friend who can help make the announcement. A quick look at Instagram will show lots of cute pets used in photos in fun ways to make the announcement – “my humans are getting married!”


4.Wear your heart on your sleeve 

Slogan clothing is back in vogue so why not tap into the trend? Lots of great companies are online and on the high street that say things like “Mr” and “Mrs”, “Fiancé” and “Fiancée”, or “Hubby” and “Wifey”. You and your other half should pull on the tops and make a slogan-tastic selfie. 


5.   Say it with confetti

If you haven’t heard of it already then you’ve been missing out. The boom is a fun and explosive way to get a message across. Messages aren't just messages and when the receiver opens the envelope confetti flies out as well as a cube with four images. Perhaps you could use three pictures of you and your partner together and then surprise the recipients with the last one being an image of you wearing your ring! 


6.   Sometimes traditional is best

It used to be the tradition that engagement announcements were made public in the local newspaper. So maybe go old school and place a notice in the paper, before taking a pic and sharing it with your friends on social media who don’t read the papers! Kit Harrington, aka Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow, and Benedict Cumberbatch both announced their engagements in the paper…So much for Jon Snow knowing nothing!


Now the hard part is over, let us look after your wedding entertainment! Contact our creative team for inspiration and ideas