Amazon tries out our new UltraMirror

When Amazon comes calling, you go running - which is what Ultrabooth did gladly. We helped this renowned company celebrate as they should!

Guests were dressed and ready to try out our UltraMirror the minute they got in! You don't need to go into a photobooth at all. The mirror is set up, you can see yourselves, pose as you wish and then click - the picture has been taken and you've done the best selfie mirror you've ever managed to create...without a hand holding a phone!

It's safe to say there was a line the entire night. With everyone dressed up to the nines they loved the immediacy of the mirror and being able to see clearly what the picture would end up like. 

Like the photobooth it's something that adds a creative flair to any event and increases everyone's enjoyment of the night. There's nothing like trying out new technology to get revellers involved. 

Try out our UltraMirror and you won't ever look back - just give Ultrabooth in Cardiff and Swansea a call and we'll sort everything out for you.