Alcumus Staff Conference is a Success

The Celtic Manor is a favorite with our guests and party-goers - for good reason!

Alcumus had a staff conference and the Celtic Manor delivered (and we’d like to think we did too!).

Alcumus helps organisations become safer, healthier and stronger through great risk management solutions - they even provide easy-to-understand health and safety assessments. But back to their party - they sure know how to let loose (safely, of course).

They opted for a starry-night sky background for their selfie mirror - the gold against the black had a rather fetching effect if we do say ourselves. The props were ever-popular and everyone got to have a bit of downtime with their colleagues, which is always needed. 

There’s something about our Ultra Mirror - it gets people talking, posing and relaxing in an environment that some may find hard to deal with. And the fact that they’re so easy to set up (and look great in any venue) is a massive bonus.

It’s a new year and we’re ready to exceed all your party expectations! Get booking.