2018 Wedding Trends

Matching the wedding themes that are emerging, here are the top trends to make your big day as stunning as can be.

Some of the most popular 2017 wedding trends have passed in a heady twister of pastel tints, vintage and creative catering.

While it has been a wonderful year for Pinterest wedding trends, 2018 is all about modern. Geometric shapes, minimalist accessories, large spaces and metallics have found a home in 2018, and are set to take the wedding industry by storm.

To ensure you stay ahead of the trends when planning your big day, our specialists, are sharing the best wedding trends to watch in 2018.



As mentioned, metallic details have proven popular in 2017 and will be even more so in 2018. While brass has enjoyed the spotlight for the last few years, gold and silver are entering the mix and rose gold is set to take the lead.

We are seeing this theme in many aspects of your wedding day, from metallic lighting fittings, candle holders, centre pieces and even gold wedding cakes.

To embrace the metallic trend, make sure your love letters and even photo booth complement the metallic theme by making the most of the reflective surfaces around. Quirky-shaped items and light fixtures can add real depth to a room, while still reflecting the theme.


Geometric shapes

As the 2018 wedding trends take a turn for the modern, the reception décor will follow suit. You can work this theme into almost every soiree; from geometric candle holders lining the aisle, angular shapes and abstract light fittings such as light up letters hanging in different layers from the ceiling.

This trend complements the natural and minimalist style - with a focus on details - as well as the industrial theme. Geometric shapes also work to make even the largest of spaces more welcoming and exciting; the perfect backdrop for your professional photos.

For the best lighting to complement this trend, you can find gorgeous love letters light fittings that come in various shapes, adding to the fun atmosphere.

We would also suggest hanging your lights at different levels, in-keeping with the edgy trend.



Incorporating additional layers to your wedding, such as textured linens and even patterns or a starlit dance floor, project warmth at your wedding reception. You could add texture to your tables with the table cloths, or even chair coverings.

The opportunities are endless, and you only need to subtly suggest the theme to be on trend for 2018.